Financial Assistance is Available

Practicing energy efficiency helps the planet by reducing the amount of harmful emissions released into the atmosphere. Simple measures can help reduce fuel bills and conserve heat, giving you a warmer, more energy efficient home.

The good news is that getting energy efficiency in your home may not cost as much as you think. If you own your home or rent from a private landlord you may be eligible for a grant to help towards the installation costs of

  • Energy Saving Windows and Doors
  • Solar Panel Energy
  • Energy Saving Roof Coatings
  • Insulation

Energy Saving Fund have established a network of companies including installers, manufacturers and energy providers who have come together to make the interaction between customers and company a more harmonious experience. We offer:

  • Advice
  • Financial Assistance with costs
  • Vetting of Installers
  • Checking of Products
  • Third Party Arbitration
  • Surveying of Workmanship

Contact our helpline on 0808 141 5478

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